Thank you for visiting my site, many people have thought about “alternative work” including massage, this is a “2nd” job I have done for many years.

In my opinion it doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship and you wish to start this discretely without anyone knowing. You may of course be a couple wishing to do this together with a consenting partner. Read through my site and if its still of interest register an interest, or call or email me.

I am a very normal 57 year old male, very average looks, slightly overweight, I weigh 15 stone, 6ft 1 inch tall and give naturist massages in addition to a full time job for more about me please see the about page.

Nudist & Naturist Massage as a Business

If you are looking at this site, you must be thinking can I do this as a business either full time or part time and what’s involved? Obviously you will also be thinking, what can I earn? That will depend very much on you as a person, how much time you have available and your personal circumstances. After all, can you accommodate clients or would you prefer and be able to just offer out – calls, that is you only ever visit clients at their place either their home or hotel. Earnings will vary but can be very good whichever way you choose to do it.

Work the hours you want! The beauty of this work is it’s your business, you work the hours that suit you. You don’t answer to anyone and you can choose what suits you yet still earn sensible returns. Peoples circumstances may be different, you may be working or not, maybe retired or semi retired and want some extra income with minimal commitment from your side. Imagine my most common booking is £90.00 for 90 minutes, lets say you only do this part time just 1 customer a week would return you £360.00 per month. Just to be clear it is a private course, there are NO formal certificates or qualifications, it’s more about what to expect and how to run the business discretely.

Sensual or non sensual massage? When entering this as a business you must decide if you will offer a sensual, a non sensual or both types of massage. I offer both and only ever get asked for the sensual massage. However, there are masseurs out there who only offer NON SENSUAL massage, so the choice is yours. I believe that if you inform people up front what you are offering and what your boundaries are they either will choose you or will not, your website is the best start to that process. I do feel though that there is a greater interest in sensual massage. The training course I offer will focus on my experiences and for that reason if you are only interested in offering a non sensual massage you are more than welcome to join us but please do not be offended by the course content; if sufficient enquiries are made for a non sensual only course , I am happy to try and put those enquiries on a separate course, I can then train in traditional basic massage without the sensual element and offer the additional website packages.

It does not matter if you are male, female or a couple either mm, ff or mf. I have known friends to partner together share the set up costs and same website and offer the option of 4 handed massages to clients. How much do you want to earn or need to earn, or are you thinking of this more for the fun element? By offering a naturist massage from my experience clients seem to assume every massage will be a sensual one, maybe that’s due to the way I have written my site; I offer non-sensual and sensual massage options yet I am never asked for the non sensual choice. You should only offer what you are comfortable with, there are clients who only look for non sensual massage and are not looking for anything other than a relaxing time. If you offer the sensual massage option this will lead to some encounters that you will find very sexy and enjoyable yourself.

What sort of personality are you and are you comfortable with nudity and body contact? How would you and can you react to clients requesting sexual contact?

Whatever the answers above, in my opinion and experience, as long as you are comfortable with nudity and body contact you can earn sensible money around hours that suit you relatively easily, you will meet some nice people and for many enjoy some fun. It is definitely a low cost set up and operating costs, costs that you can recover in a very short period of time.

There is though a lot to learn, what are the good and bad points? How to avoid risks and keep your costs to a minimum; all of which I cover in a short affordable course. However, if you are shy, uncomfortable with nudity, sexual innuendo and more this is probably NOT the business for you so do not read on.

What can I earn?

The million dollar question, how much can I earn? This depends on so many things, prices you charge, your boundaries, how hard you wish to work etc. Whilst I offer a 1 hour booking for £70.00, my most common booking is 90 minutes for £90.00, my biggest problem is having the time for a meeting. I have a full time job and family commitments, add to that the fact that I do not accommodate (I could be very busy if I accommodated). Apart from myself and my clients no-one, that is no family or friends knows that I offer this service.

What sort of clients will I get?

This depends on how you target your market and what you advertise. In my case I offer massages to men, women and couples but I get mainly men, nearly all men! Men seem more impulsive than couples and ladies; men usually wish to meet very quickly from the first point of contact. I am not sure but I believe that many women would be put off seeing me because I offer massages to men. Obviously though, I also see women and couples who usually put far more planning into a meeting and are usually more nervous but tend to find that the experience works out better than they had expected.

There are clients or everyone, I have had requests from cross dressers who want to be dressed when we meet or would like me to dress up; this isn’t for me so I turn them down but if you are comfortable with that there is nothing to stop you going along with it.Also, I don’t believe tat age is a barrier.

You may expect any sexuality, nationality, age and shape. Clients are not going to be a George Clooney lookalike or superstar, they will be average people that you would meet on the street. You will be offered and asked for sex, you must be prepared to deal with those requests in an appropriate and lawful manner.