Course locations will vary depending on where enquiries are coming from; for that reason I need you to register an interest this is obligation free and simply lets me put together interested people in suitable locations. My preference is small groups in one location, but individual sessions may be offered subject to location and dates let me know what you feel comfortable with. Also, if you are a minimum of a couple or 2 single friends and you can arrange the accommodation with room for a massage table (imagine the size of a single mattress) I may be able to book a private session with you. My contact form is designed to help you and me.

Locations will usually be a choice of:

1) London
2) Milton Keynes
3) Birmingham
4) Manchester
5) Glasgow

I offer three choices of packages that, I believe, will allow you to be able to start up in business at a low cost.

The packages include the options of simply a one-day introduction course to choices of having a website or even 2 websites built for you.

For a minimum outlay of only of £395.00 you could start up in business very quickly, add a website and you could be earning money within hours of your website going live. Payment terms are available for options 2 and 3 so you do not have to pay everything up front.

You could start earning excellent money and repay this initial outlay in a very short period of time.

The packages include:

Option 1] 1 day includes lunch
Singles £395.00

Couples £595.00

This may be for a group meeting and involves nudity and touch, if you feel you may be too shy to participate in a group meeting let me know, it may be possible to arrange pairing you with a similar minded person or possibly just a one on one with myself. Group numbers may vary and depend on bookings, I definitely cannot guarantee the mix of attendees, it may be men and women or entirely one sex. You may always put in a request but I cannot guarantee anything.

The things that we will talk about will include but are not limited to:

  • Introductions

  • What equipment do you need?

  • Home or Away? What are your options?

  • What to expect from clients.

  • Your safety

  • Telephone training (what to say and not to say).

  • Where to advertise and typical costs.

  • Websites do you need one? design information “ start to design your own website now.

  • What products to use and where to buy.

  • How to run this discretely so that friends and family never know.

  • Questions and answers

  • Practical hands on experience you must be prepared to get naked, massage someone and be massaged in return who may be of either sex of any age, body shape and nationality (a typical client).

Option 2] Add a website @ £350.00 (most popular)

Total single person = £395.00 + £350.00 = £745.00

Total couple = £595.00 + £350.00 = £945.00

Includes option 1 above plus;

We purchase your domain name (website) on your behalf.

We build your website and host it for you for 12 months.

We will make alterations to the text for 6 months free of charge (limited to 2 per month).

Option 3] Add 2 websites @ £300.00 each i.e. £600.00
Total single person = £395.00 + £600.00 = £995.00
Total couple = £595.00 + £600.00 = £1,195.00

Includes option 1 & 2 above plus;

We purchase an additional domain name (website) on your behalf and again build your website and host it for you for 12 months.

You may then run 2 side by side ideal for people who wish to openly work from home.

One which openly advertises naturist massage and sensual services, whilst the second which friends and family may see that simply offers traditional massage this would allow you to have a room in your house without raising suspicion.

Again we are happy to make alterations to the text for 6 months free of charge (limited to 2 per month).